Give A Hen a Home

 North West, Lancashire

We rescue hens from commercial farms and offer them a second chance at life, rehoming them to loving families, smallholders and allotment keepers.

Our Mission

The mission of Give a Hen a Home is to save as many hens from commercial egg farms as possible and offer them a second chance at life.

We are a Not for profit organisation rehoming hens from a number of farms the hens are mainly from Barn Kept or Free Range farms. The hens have lived there producing eggs for commercial purposes if we did not step in and work with the farmers to re home them their fate would be slaughter. The hens are between   16-18 months old and still have plenty of life left in them and love to give.

We rehome to many places including loving families, smallholders, allotment owners, equestrian facilities and schools being our newest project (please see ‘Hens go to School’ Tab) hoping to make hen keeping accessible to all.

We believe each hen deserves a second chance at life, a chance to experience freedom, sunshine and grass! They deserve to be able to scratch in the dirt and dust bathe until their hearts are content. Many of these things most hens will never have experienced!

Part of our ‘Hens go to School’ Project is to also encourage the schools to sign the No Hatch pledge – we would like to see schools refraining from the outdated hatching projects as this often causes unwanted hens and cockerels – this is sometimes not considered before the project begins.

There are a number of companies set up to provide eggs for hatching and do take them back afterwards with the promise of them living out their lives on free range farms… This is something which is questioned regularly. We feel that with technology there are better ways today for children to learn about this subject.

Please take a look around the rest of our website.


Boredom Busters

Beat boredom with these printable activity packs

How Do I Rehome?

Firstly thank you for considering re-homing some of these lovely hens! We will advertise and new rehoming dates across social media so please look out for those – there are almost always hens in need of a loving home.

Due to the scale of rehoming hens it is not physically possible to run a home check system. We ask that you please be 100% sure hen keeping is for you before registering to rehome/reserve hens. Like when taking on any new animal comes responsibility, its best to research and learn how best to provide care for your new hens.

We have plenty of information available on this website, Hen Care information download and some useful links. 

If you are 100% sure you would like to rehome you will be able to register your interest once the dates are announced.

Hen Care Info

If your new to rescue hens or hens in general then this care sheet will go through all the basics you need to care for your hens properly.

Upcoming Rehoming Dates

No re-homing dates confirmed at present. Please check back soon for updates.

Funding For Schools

Give a Hen a Homes intention is to raise funds to help rehome more hens to schools helping to make hen keeping accessible to all.

Hens can be a great addition to schools when integrated into daily school life and into the curriculum helping children back to nature along the lines of Forest School lessons whilst learning responsibility and compassion.

Want your School to have fun whilst doing a good deed?

Want to know more about
‘Hen’s Go To School‘ Project?

The Great Chicken Run is here!!

Get In Touch

If you have any questions please feel free to
contact Give A Hen A Home.

Please note before making an enquiry we are Lancashire based.


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    gIVE a hEN a hOME – faqS

    Whats Your Privacy Policy?
    At Give a Hen a Home we take privacy seriously and we do not like spam (Yuk!)

    We would like to keep in touch with you regarding rehoming dates, the work that we are doing, fundraisers and competitions. We will only send you relevant and interesting information via channels you sign up for, all of which you are able to opt out from at any time.

    We will never sell your data and we promise to jeep your details safe and secure.

    To ensure compliance with data protection and privacy laws we may update the policy from time to time

    What is Your Environmental Policy
    We are taking a leaf out of the hens book (OK kind of.. we are not scratching in the dirt and fertilising it as we go.. we will leave that to them!) however we do like to try and take steps to help the environment and be Eco friendly.

    Our mission is to be kind to the environment as possible and continually work to improve this.

    How we do this..

    We work with like minded and local suppliers a few examples, Our chosen printers are Vegan Print in Fleetwood they have solar powered premises, use sustainable paper sources and vegetable inks.

    The Designer of our branding – Carla Gebhard Designs has a great and similar ethos using only paints and art suppliers that have not been tested on animals and uses recycled papers.

    Our printer paper is FSC Certified (From sustainable sources) and we even use a stapless stapler! ( a very cool invention!)

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